"We are using RapidTrak™ for our OEM service parts inventory. After spending just a few days labeling and loading all the stock into the RapidTrak™ system we can now locate parts in a matter of minutes, instead of searching our warehouses for hours." – Steven Grant, Vice President, The Grant Group


RapidTrak™ Wireless Material Tracking Software
Wireless material tracking systems must be flexible, must be simple enough to implement quickly, and must make use of the latest identification technologies such as barcode labels, RFID sensors and radio frequency scanners to minimize operator input and maximize accuracy. RapidTrak™ meets these needs. RapidTrak™ is an affordable, web enabled, wireless material tracking system that can be used in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments.

Designed to provide basic warehousing, inventory tracking and logistics needs. A valuable source for tracking MRO Items, tooling and die sets, and perishable materials consumed in manufacturing.

Designed to track a range of material from general asset tracking to tracking material into and out of warehouses and distribution points; or for fleet inventory.